Christmas Fun Around Steuben County

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Santa Arrives at the Mound

When I was a little girl my parents took me to the mound the day after Thanksgiving to see Santa arrive and the lights around the mound turn on for the Christmas season.  Back then I remember him arriving on the calliope and it was quite a sight to see.  When I became an adult, I still enjoyed going there to see the lights turn on. Now that I have children of my own, I make it a point every year to continue the tradition because seeing that sparkle in their eyes makes me so happy.



We parked and walked up to the northwest quadrant where people were waiting to see Santa at the Brokaw Theatre.  Santa no longer arrives on the calliope but the calliope was on site and was playing Christmas songs.  It sure made me smile and made memories of my childhood come flooding back.  We didn’t have to wait very long for the police to block off the roads and Santa appeared with Mrs. Claus and all the reindeer.  It’s always quite a sight and the girls had the look of Christmas cheer on their faces.  After Santa circled the mound a few times he stopped to say Merry Christmas to everyone and went into the Brokaw Theatre to start visiting with the long line of children waiting to see him.  We did not stay to see Santa because we had plans to visit with him another day.  This is a wonderful tradition the entire family can enjoy.  If you haven’t been to see Santa arrive, definitely go next year because it’s a magical experience for both the young and old.










Hamilton Old Fashion Christmas Parade

I am originally from Angola and never really ventured to Hamilton until I met my husband because he owns a business there.  Three years ago was my first time ever taking part in the Old Fashion Christmas Parade.  That year we actually were in it and helped decorate a horse drawn carriage.  Last year we opted to watch the parade because it travels right past my husband’s Marina.  Since we enjoyed watching the parade so much, we decided to watch it again this year instead of riding in a carriage.  This parade is like none other that I have ever seen.  There are countless horse drawn carriages pulled by horses of all shapes and sizes that are elegantly decorated with lights and Christmas decorations.  It is definitely a sight to see!  The people riding in the carriage also throw out handfuls of candy for the spectators as well! If you haven’t traveled to Hamilton to see this amazing Christmas tradition it’s a must that you add it to your list of Christmas festivities next year!











Horse Drawn Carriage Rides Downtown

In 2014 Bryan and I took Baby Emi on a horse drawn carriage ride around town and little did I know, Bryan had a huge marriage proposal planned on the Mound with all of our family and friends present.  That night meant so much to me so whenever the carriage/wagon rides are advertised I make sure to put it on my calendar!  The carriages/wagons are pulled by these gigantic horses and are decorated with lights.  It’s always an enjoyable time and the girls love seeing the huge horses.

Seeing Santa!

Every year we make sure we catch up with Santa at least once during the Christmas season, whether it be at a local business or at a Christmas party we are attending.  This year Santa was going to be at the local John Deere dealership, Kenn-Feld Group, so we opted to visit Santa there.  When we arrived we were lucky that there wasn’t a line because the girls were so excited!  Emi is the age where she is not afraid of Santa whatsoever, but MaKenzy wasn’t quite sure.  Kenn-Feld had quite the set up and even had Santa’s elves there!  The girls opted to sit in a mini John Deere Gator next to Santa and talked to him from there, which also made MaKenzy a little more comfortable.  After they visited with Santa, they each got a goody bag, juice and a cookie.


The week before Christmas, the girls got a letter in the mail from the North Pole c/o Kenn-Feld Group.  It was a long letter from Santa and Emi was in complete shock because she was so excited!  I was also surprised and thought it was so awesome that the extra time was taken to send a letter.  It was very special and enjoyed very much by two little girls!


Hi there everyone! Let us introduce ourselves! We are Bryan, Erin, Emi and Mak and we make up the Schiffli Family. We are constantly looking for family friendly adventures and excursions around Steuben County and we are looking forward to sharing some of those adventures with you! Be on the lookout for our blogs on the Steuben County Tourism Bureau’s Facebook page so you and your family can make some great memories in the amazing county we live in!


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