Steuben County Halloween Happenings

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In addition to the normal Halloween Trick or Treating around town and at the local businesses we attended a couple different “Halloween Happenings” around the area this year.

Fremont Public Library Pumpkin Trail
The first Halloween Event we attended was the Pumpkin Trail at the Fremont Public Library.  In previous years, due to work schedules, I was never able to take the girls before, but this year it worked out and Grandma was even able to join us!  As soon as we got there we realized how big this event was because the parking lot was packed, but we were able to find a close parking space and got the girls ready to go.  They both got dressed up in their princess dresses and we headed down the trail.  They had fun cut outs like Cat in the Hat and Captain Underpants which the girls absolutely loved.  The Grinch was also there handing out candy along with several other characters.  As we continued walking down the trail there was a photo booth with fun props,  goofy minions and so many happy faces handing out candy.  When we finished with the trail, we checked out the pony rides, grabbed some fresh apple cider and even got a piece of Bubba’s Pizza!  After the girls ate their food we made our way into the library and went to the basement where they had a Book Walk and balloon animal artists!  Emi and Mak immediately got in line for the balloon animals.  Emi was very excited for the book walk so as soon as she got her balloon, she made her way over to the game.  After several turns, her number was eventually called and she won a book to take home.  We all had a very pleasant time full of smiles, laughs and of course a bunch of candy!  As long as schedules permit it, we will be attending next year as well!

Angola Parks & Recreation Halloween Fun at the Selman Timber Frame
The second Halloween Event we had to make sure to catch was Halloween Fun at the Selman Timber Frame put on by the Angola Parks & Recreation.  We went to this last year so we wanted to make sure we caught it again this year.  The girls got all dressed up in their costumes and we headed to Commons Park.  This is always such a great event for the family and there are so many things for the kids to do.  This year when we walked in, they gave the kids orange glow necklaces and a huge bag of candy.  They had a table with refreshments, several games set up for the kids to play, and even a coloring and pumpkin decorating station.  After the girls grabbed Halloween themed snacks and did their share of coloring and games, we hopped in line for the hayride.  The girls had a great time and really enjoyed the hayride!  Once again the Halloween Fun at the Selman Timber Frame was a hit, it will again be on our list for next year!

Hi there everyone! Let us introduce ourselves! We are Bryan, Erin, Emi and Mak and we make up the Schiffli Family. We are constantly looking for family friendly adventures and excursions around Steuben County and we are looking forward to sharing some of those adventures with you! Be on the lookout for our blogs on the Steuben County Tourism Bureau’s Facebook page so you and your family can make some great memories in the amazing county we live in!

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