Ridenour Acres

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The last couple years we’ve made it a point to visit Ridenour Acres at least once.  This year I knew that they had added some new activities for the kids and I was sure that they would enjoy them.  We got lucky once again and the weather was absolutely beautiful so we decided to head over to Ridenour Acres for the afternoon.

As soon as we got inside, Emi and MaKenzy took off to the huge tube slides.  They both bypassed the mini tube side and went straight to the big slides!  Mak moved from the slides and ran to the bounce house and Emi decided to play in the large corn box.  Then they both moved onto the hay bale fire truck, they had so much fun going through the tunnel and climbing up top on the ladder.

I saw that all of the pedal cars on the track weren’t being used  so I put both of the girls on one and I got on one too!  Emi and I were racing while Bryan pushed Mak since her legs were a tad short to pedal on her own.  After we raced around the track a couple times, we headed over to the barrel train.  This year the barrel train was much longer than in years past.  Emi and Mak sat in one barrel and I sat in the one behind them.  After our fun ride, they ran over to the bounce ball track and the duck races.  I went inside the barn and got us apple cider slushies and apple cider donuts to share.  We sat down at a tic tac toe table, played a game and enjoyed our snack.

We noticed that the line for the hayride wasn’t very long so we decided that we would hop on the wagon.  This was the first time that we’ve gone on the hayride here and the girls loved it!  After the hayride was over the girls just had to get their faces painted!  Emi picked out a rainbow and Mak got a butterfly on her cheek.

Before we left, the girls ran over to check out the new combine slide.  It did not disappoint and the girls loved sitting in the drivers seat and going down the slide.  Once again, we enjoyed our afternoon at Ridenour Acres and we really enjoyed the new activities that they added!  We will be sure to keep this on our fall fun to do list for 2018!



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