Pokagon Halloween Happenings

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This year was the first time that we have been able to participate in the many Halloween activities offered at Pokagon State Park.
MaKenzy and I weren’t able to get to the Nature Center in time to take part in the Bats Program that was offered, but we arrived at the Potawatomi Inn just in time lunch.   Mak had to stop by and say, “Hi” to her buddy the Wolf in the Potawatomi Inn Lobby then we made our way to the Café for lunch and to decorate caramel apples!  Mak and I shared a slice of pizza and we were given two (2) packages of sliced apples for our caramel apple concoctions.  We ate our pizza and then took our sliced apples over to the large table where there was caramel, peanut butter and chocolate along with crushed Oreos, M&M’s, sprinkles, nuts and chocolate chips.  Mak and I did not go light on the toppings and we both enjoyed the caramel apple treat!

After we were done with our lunch, we made our way to the Nature Center.  Not only did they have a costume contest going on, the normal activities were available to enjoy as well.  Once MaKenzy was done checking out the turtles and the other interesting items at the Nature Center, we checked out the pumpkin carving contest.  They had different age groups, but because MaKenzy is only two (2) years old we decided to save that Halloween activity for another year.  Once we were done exploring at the Nature Center, we headed home so MaKenzy could get a nap in before the Trick or Treating that was scheduled to start at 5:00 p.m. in Campground 3.

Around 4:15 p.m. we got back to Pokagon.  Luckily, we had friends that were camping in one of the campgrounds so we made our way to their camper to get ready for trick or treating.  Around 4:45 p.m. we headed to Campground 3 on foot.  I have never been at Pokagon during the trick or treating and boy, was I shocked!  When we arrived at Campground 3 I could not believe all of the people!  Not only all of the children and adults that came out, but all of the campers, businesses and law enforcement agencies that came out to join in the fun!

We finally found the end of the line and waited our turn to enter the Campground.  Volunteers were handing out goodie bags to the children from the Tourism Bureau and Smokey the Bear was even in attendance.  I figured, since MaKenzy loves animals, she would be excited about getting a photo with Smokey the Bear, but was I wrong!  She was not thrilled at all and ended up screaming.  After the photo, we made our way through the huge campground!  I was in shock with how the campers were so festive with their awesome decorations, lights and costumes!

It was so much fun looking at everyone’s costumes and one in particular caught my eye.  There was a large dog being walked by her owner.  Her owner explained that in past years the dogs that won costume contests were “teacup” doggies, so this year her dog was dressed up as a “teacup dog.”  The costume was so adorable, she didn’t mind it one bit and even posed for a picture.

By the time we made our way all the way around the Campground, MaKenzy’s bag was overflowing with candy so we made our way back to our friend’s camper to warm up and enjoyed a chili and potato soup dinner.

This was a great day filled with fun Halloween family friendly activities.  We missed the Bat and Owl program at the Nature Center and by the time Ghost Tales were being told at the CCC Shelter we were ready for bed.  Hopefully next year both Emi and Mak can participate and we can attend more of the activities that are offered, but of those that we got to enjoy this year were absolutely great and we had so much fun!

Hi there everyone! Let us introduce ourselves! We are Bryan, Erin, Emi and Mak and we make up the Schiffli Family. We are constantly looking for family friendly adventures and excursions around Steuben County and we are looking forward to sharing some of those adventures with you! Be on the lookout for our blogs on the Steuben County Tourism Bureau’s Facebook page so you and your family can make some great memories in the amazing county we live in!

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