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Stroh Orchards with the Schiffli Family

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Every year my mom and I take the girls to pick out pumpkins at G. W. Stroh Orchard.  That time of year is already upon us, so my Mom and I, along with my Aunt Becky, took the girls to Stroh Orchard last Monday for their annual pumpkin picking.  Since Mak and Emi are getting older, they knew exactly what we were there for.  They immediately ran over to the countless pumpkins surrounding the trees in the front.  There were so many to choose from and they just couldn’t figure out which pumpkins they wanted!  They crawled all over the pumpkins, like a jungle gym, thoroughly inspecting each pumpkin trying to pick out the perfect one.  Emi then saw the huge crates full of the pie pumpkins and she had to search through those as well since she could actually pick those up. Stroh’s also have a tree trunk sculpture of a dog in the front yard and the girls absolutely loved it.  After they posed for a picture with the sculpture, we made our way to the “U Pick Pumpkin Patch.”  Emi spied the little red wagon that is used to haul the pumpkins and once Mak saw the wagon she immediately jumped in so Emi took her on an excursion through the pumpkin patch!  After countless laps up, down and around the patch, the girls finally found their two perfect pumpkins so we made our way to the store. When we got in the store we were greeted by Gary Stroh.  We took a look at the countless types of apples, gourds and snacks that they had available to buy.  The girls and I decided to get some fresh apple cider and some caramel corn to snack on.  The girls were so excited to finally have their pumpkins, they loved the cider and ruined dinner with the caramel corn (it was almost gone by the time we got home).  As always, we enjoyed our trip to the orchard and we will look forward to next year’s...

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