Potawatomi Poutine

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If you have never tried poutine you are missing out! It’s to Quebec what hamburgers are to……well, practically anywhere in the United States.

So what is poutine? Think of the perfect union between crispy golden fries, cheesy goodness and rich gravy. In a word–YUM!

There are as many varieties as there are people who make the Canadian dish. Now Chef Johnny at the Potawatomi Inn Restaurant has put his own spin on the poutine and turned it into an appetizer-though truth be told, it could be a meal in itself. He has added smoked port and his own secret gravy recipe to the dish. While he will not give away what is in it, we did get the basics of how to assemble the dish.

Deep fry or bake your favorite french fries.
Layer them on a plate and add a layer of cheese curds (meat is optional.) Johnny uses smoked pork, but bacon works well too.
Smother in brown gravy and top with green onions.

Or just stop by the Potawatomi Inn at Pokagon State Park and order some!

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