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Skiing the Lakes

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I’m definitely not what you would call athletic in any sense of the word. Getting me on water skis would I’m sure provided great neighborhood entertainment without ever leaving the channel. But that doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate those who were born with ‘the gift.’ Some of my friends right down the way are a few such people. I’m pretty sure Jim and his boys were born on skis. (Now that I think about it I should ask his mother.) Skiing on one ski, wake boarding, barefooting, you name it they all can do it. I don’t think there’s much they enjoy more. They have to, to be up at the crazy hours they are just to be out on the crystal clear glass of Snow Lake and Lake James. They’ll share their passion with anyone who shows the slightest interest. They’ve even had my then 9-year old foster son up and skiing in less than an hour. Granted he was an especially gifted athlete who also learned to barefoot that same day. The point is if you love skiing, there’s no better place to come than 101 Lakes Country. Jimmerson connects to James connects to Snow connects to Otter you won’t find more great places to jump in and go for a spin. All along the way you’ll find boat rentals at the local marinas. Just to the west of Pokagon on Lake James, less than a half-mile from where it connects to Snow Lake is a slalom course. It’s free and open to anyone at any time. All you need is the boat and a pair of skis. Well that and a driver and a spotter and well you get the idea, it’s there and free for the taking. Powerboats and sailboats can also be rented at private marinas on the lake. Over on Clear Lake, there’s a great ski club that meets weekly on Saturday mornings. They even have a ski show toward the end of July. And they’ve even started a wooden water ski museum. So far they have over 85 pairs of skis! For more information drop Julie Simonetti an email While there might not be too many places to actually rent skis,...

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Come Play with Us!

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Few people that visit Steuben County deny its scenic beauty. Rolling green hills give way to crystal blue waters, lush woodlands intertwine with sandy beaches, winding roads lead to picturesque small towns that look like something out of quaint movies. With something for everyone it really is the ideal place to live or at the very least at least visit for a good long time! Though water is one of the favorite ways guests to spend their time in our lovely county, there are some equally beautiful landlocked areas— such as our golf courses. They’re not just places to play, they also have their own pro-shops, driving ranges, and eateries. Even if the only club you’ve ever held is the ace from a Bicycle Deck, a visit to one of our courses is well worth the trip because they all have great stories behind them. Glendarin Hills in Angola tops the list. Started by one of my Angola High School classmates, Glen Kelly, and his father in 1999, it’s the culmination of a lifelong dream. The resort style course named for Glen and his brother offers everything you would imagine at some of those exclusive swanky hide-a-ways, but without wiping out your bank account. The 18-hole, 450-acre course looks like something out of a fairytale. Naturally there are state-of-the-art rental carts with gps and all the goodies. If you’d rather hang at the clubhouse, you’ll be in for some great food and a wonderful bar selection and the view just might make you believe you’re in the Highlands! Zollner Golf Course, 18-hole course combines the academia of Trine University while enjoying the beautiful outdoors. The championship course bills itself as “the thinking player’s course” due to the strategically placed bunkers and reconfigured fairways. Lake James Golf Club in the middle of 101 Lakes Country capitalizes on the surrounding lakes with its unique 18-hole set up. The first 9 holes are open with flatter greens while the back 9 are on more rolling terrain. It offers 4 different tees: James to Otter tees at 5200 yards, Snow at 5500 yards, Jimmerson plays at 6300 yards and the James challenge at 6600. Mulligan’s, known for its great steaks serves as the...

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