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The Bog Blog

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For those in search of a more advanced Steuben adventure, Woodland Bog is the place to go. It’s another treasure hidden just off the beaten path. In fact, if you blink you’ll literally miss the small sign on the north side of the road just off 100 N. This trek isn’t for the beginner, those with little energy, or the directionally challenged. Just to reach the bog, visitors must hike a quarter mile back following a fence through a field. Yes, those are country directions, but there really isn’t any other kind when you get out into the “wilds” of Steuben! When you come to the place that looks a little like the Haunted Forest from the Wizard of Oz, you’ll know you’ve reached the entrance to Woodland Bog. Why would anyone want to do such a thing? Because this is a very special bog. For starters it’s incredibly old. Whereas most bogs are lakes that have grown over with peat moss, Woodland Bog has past that point and, as its name suggests, has transitioned back into a wooded area. It still has a slightly spongy peat floor, which can be muddy at times. Make sure to wear footwear you don’t care if you ruin. Bogs, which can also be called fens, muskegs, quagmires or just plain mires, are really important parts of the ecosystem. They help with lowering greenhouse emissions by naturally storing carbon dioxide. A famous bog in Russia was recently calculated to remove 52 teragrams of carbon annually from the atmosphere. They can also be great natural preservation “bins” for archeologists. Human remains such as the Haraldskaer Woman and Lindow Man have been found fully preserved in European bogs. Not to mention a 5 thousand year old Neolithic farming area, including huts and field walls was found fully preserved under a bog in Ireland’s County Mayo. In the US plenty of Native American artifacts have been found in bogs. Steuben’s little Woodland Bog most likely doesn’t contain any dead bodies under it,at lest not human, but it does boast a wide variety of trees from big tooth aspen, to pin oak, and the reds, elm, maple, and osier dogwood, not to mention swamp white oak and...

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Matter Over Mind

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You’ve probably heard the saying, “You can’t be in two places at once.” And maybe that’s true, but you can absolutely be in three! It’s not that this location is a major secret. You’re probably familiar with it from those grade school maps you had to fill in once upon a time. Think back and you’ll remember Indiana converges with the corner of Ohio and they both sit right below Michigan to form a kind of weird ‘T.’ That place isn’t just a theoretical space in the minds of cartographers. It actually exists. You have the ability to go there and stand in three states at once! Technically speaking the location is in plain sight. But it is down a dusty country road in the middle of nowhere. So it can be easy to miss if you don’t know what to look for. There’s a rock on the east side of the road with an inscription, denoting the convergence of states takes place 130 feet to the south. The reason being is that they converge in the middle of the road. On the day I went with my son we found the rock easily. Then spent the next ten minutes searching for what we’d been misinformed was “a pile of rocks to go stand on.” There is no pile of rocks—so don’t look for them. Fortunately, a mail carrier happened by. We told him what we were trying to find and he nodded. “I think it’s under my car right now,” he said. Then pulled his vehicle back a few feet. “Kick the rocks off there,” he pointed to the road beneath my feet. I skeptically gave a half-hearted kick. Not knowing exactly what I was supposed to be doing. “Not there,” he laughed then pointed, “there.” I didn’t see anything but followed his instructions. Soon a metal plate with the letter ‘M’ embedded in the road emerged. (It’s actually right before the gravel road becomes paved almost dead center.) He nodded. “There you have it. I was here a while back when a family had their three daughters stand one in each state and took a picture. Kind of matter over mind,” he laughed. Once he left my...

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