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Meet our Blogger!

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Lou Ann Homan is a writer, a teacher, a storyteller and a lover of small towns. Lou Ann’s enthusiasm for teaching has graced Indiana classrooms for over 30 years. She is currently a professor at Trine University in the Humanities and Communication Department. She has been twice awarded the prestigious Lilly Teacher Creativity Award. Lou Ann is an award winning columnist for KPC Media Group with a weekly column appearing everySaturday morning for nine years.  Her work appears in newspapers in all four counties in northern Indiana. Lou Ann’s storytelling skills have twice awarded her the Frank Basile Emerging Stories Fellowship grant, and two commissioned pieces from Indiana Landmarks. She has told stories on many Fringe stages throughout the Midwest. Her stories have carried her from the green hills of Ireland to China, and from Florida to Arizona. She has been on the roster of Arts for Learning for many years and was awarded the Anna Award in 2015 for her outstanding plan for program enhancement. When not traveling Lou Ann can be found in her hometown of Angola, Indiana where she is a board member of the Historic Preservation Commission. In 2014 she was awarded The Mayor’s Arts and Humanities Award for her contribution to the cultural life of the Angola area. Lou Ann writes late into the night under the light of her red frayed light, gardens at the community gardens, celebrates and promotes cultural events, tells stories on the square and bikes her way around her small town! She is delighted to bring you stories from Steuben...

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Wing Haven

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February 22nd is circled on my calendar. It is the night of the full Snow Moon and the night of the Moon Shadow walk at Wing Haven. All day I watched the clouds roll around blocking bits of the sun, but by 5:00 the sky cleared, and I knew the night would be exceptionally beautiful. I gathered extra clothes, gloves, hat, flashlight and my walking stick and drove the familiar route to Wing Haven, right off of County Road 400 N. in Angola. A sign was propped up at the end of the long drive telling folks which way to turn. I was grateful for the sign even though I had attended many events at Wing Haven. Driving down the lane through the trees, there were shades of day and night mingling together. I parked my old Jeep and hauled out all my equipment and headed down the pathway to the cabin. This cabin was once the art studio of Helen Swenson (1906-1983). She and her husband, Ben, were the first caretakers of the Potowatami Inn when it opened in 1925. Upon Helen’s death the land was donated to Acres Landtrust. Mm m.  Mm m   As I hiked down the narrow pathway I could see smoke rising from the chimney and warm yellow light streaming out of one of the windows. As I got closer I could hear laughter, and many greetings as I opened the door. Ah, the cabin was warm and full of friendly town folks drinking coffee and hot chocolate as they gathered around the potbelly stove. It is nice to live in a small town where you know most of the folks; it is always like going home. I took off my mittens and made myself a cup of hot chocolate and took a seat by the stove.   Our host for the evening, Shane Perfect, the caretaker of Wing Haven, was seated in the center and began the evening in a casual way. We talked about the name of the February moon, the Snow Moon, aptly named because the heaviest snows usually appear in February in northern Indiana. There are other names, of course, from different tribes. The Zunis called it “No Snow on...

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Valentine’s Day

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Some folks find romance in dinners for two or quiet evenings by the fireplace, but here in Steuben County we know how to celebrate a special winter’s day. By 2:00 on Valentine’s Day afternoon, several dozen folks gathered at Chapman’s Brewery for a special event hosted by Dr. Tom Tierney, professor at Trine University. The afternoon was billed as “Annals of Belgian Beer Tours” with emphasis on architecture, public art, women enablers, food porn and St. Arnold.  Dr. Tierney greeted each one personally as soon as the door to the brewery opened stating that the visual presentation was on the blink and we would all have to just settle on his words supplemented our own imaginations. Laughingly, we all knew it would still be the perfect day as Dr. Tierney is the master of words!  Small tables began to fill up with conversation and pints of Belgian beer even before the program began. Some folks had actually brought their sweethearts for the event, but several of us came in multitudes of one as this type of event didn’t make any difference to coupling or non-coupling.   Chapman’s Brewing filling up on Valentine’s Day. With some folks on their second rounds, Dr. Tierney found his place in the circle of patrons to begin his talk. He spoke of the spectacular Belgian architecture as he often pointed to the blank wall referring to his non-photos. This brought a chuckle to the audience each time he announced his photos. But through his wit and wondrous supply of words, we were able to see each photo. He spoke of St. Arnold (1040-1087) who became the patron saint of hop-pickers and Belgian brewers. It was said that he (and those who listened to his knowledge of beer) was able to ward off the plague! As his talk was drawing to a close, his wife, Roberta, passed trays of Belgian chocolate. I daresay those trays were passed around more than once until the last one was snatched up. He then announced they had cooked up a batch of carbonnade (Flemish beef and beer stew.) Everyone glanced over at the side table as Roberta lifted the lid off a cooking pot and a wonderful blend of...

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